Selling Your Home: 10 Things To Splurge (And Save!) On

Selling Your Home: 10 Things To Splurge (And Save!) On

Once you start looking at your property from a buyer’s perspective, all those tiny faults start to stand out.

But if you try to fix everything before you put your home on the market, you’ll end up with a very long to-do list.

Instead, follow our advice to sellers. We’ve seen these 10 quick fixes pay off in big ways.

1. Prep with a paint job

This is the one piece of advice you’ll hear over and over – for good reason. A fresh coat of paint covers years of wear and tear, and with a neutral colour you’ll end up with a more spacious feel.

2. Hire a handyman

Obviously, things like dripping taps, broken floorboards or cupboards that won’t quite shut are small issues, but it’s worth getting a one-off visit from a trusted handyman to tick at least some of these jobs off the list.

3. Get help with the garden

No matter how much time you spend on your interiors, a messy garden can still drag down your sale price. Hire someone who will remove any garden waste and, ideally, come back a few days before inspections begin.

4. Pay for a professional clean

You might cringe at this suggestion, or it might sound like the answer to your prayers. Trust us when we say that a deep clean that gets into every corner is only ever a positive thing – for buyers and for your stress levels.

5. Get ambitious with de-cluttering

Selling your home is a chance to finally get rid of all those objects that are jamming up storage areas. If you find it hard to let go, we’d suggest bringing in the professionals to make the tough calls on your behalf.

6. Don’t skimp on storage

You don’t have to get rid of absolutely everything, but those prized possessions that don’t quite fit the look you’re trying to create will be far better off in storage until the sale is finalised.

7. Hire your dream furniture

Consider hiring the furniture you’ve always wanted to buy (or that best suits your space) for that all-important inspection. This helps buyers get into that ‘what-if’ mindset – they’ll start getting attached to the look as well as the floor plan.

8. Light it up

Along with the right furniture, proper lighting is another huge factor in transforming the feel of a room. If hiring an electrician is outside your budget, investing in a few statement lamps can still make a big impact.

9. Factor in flowers (or plants)

The final feel good factor inside your home is including something living, but it doesn’t have to be a huge expensive bouquet weighing down the dining table. A beautiful indoor plant will do just as much work to soften the feel of a room.

10. Don’t make it personal

There’s nothing wrong with leaving family photos out or keeping kids’ favourite toys and pictures in their rooms. But beyond that, try to put away as many personal items as possible before buyers arrive – all this helps in allowing them to believe that the house is already theirs.

Before you tackle any of this, we’d recommend talking with a qualified real estate agent to get an appraisal of your property. They’ll be able to point out any particular problem areas and get you focused on the best ways to maximise your sale price.

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