Spotlight on Ryde: What Will These Major Projects Mean For House Prices?

What’s in store for Ryde’s buyers and sellers in 2017?

We’re already seeing signs of major new developments along key roads, but it’s not just about building more units. A little digging into Council and developer plans shows Ryde could have a whole new look in the next year or so. Here are the projects we uncovered:

Upgrades around Macquarie Park station 

A $1 billion plan for changes to the Macquarie Centre will mean big changes along Herring Road, including a new plaza between Macquarie Park station and shopping centre. This is a long-term development in its early stages, but the plan is for four new tower blocks that will eventually offer more residential units along with offices and shops. 

Easier walking and bike riding

The Council has already kicked off a $795,000 footpath expansion program, which will not only make Ryde more walkable but also ensure residents with accessibility needs are able to make their way around their suburb.

A facelift for parklands

By the end of 2018, you’ll see a whole range of improvements along the Shrimptons Creek Corridor. Expect better lighting, signage and seating, upgrades to playgrounds and parks, and new features like a fitness station and boardwalk.

More apartments for Macquarie Park?

An application for a new 680-unit residential apartment building on Waterloo Road is on display. If approved, this would also mean a whole new retail space on the ground floor along one of Macquarie Park’s major roads.

‘Ryde Central’ starts to take shape

Now that the architectural design for the Ryde Civic Hub Precinct has been decided on (following a worldwide competition with 175 entrants), the community has decided on the name ‘Ryde Central’. The new hub is still a few years away yet, but the design promises a range of sustainability features such as rainwater collection and green roofs/walls.

What does this mean for property prices?

Even if we just consider the number of new residential units covered by these changes, it’s obvious that the demand for places to live in Ryde isn’t slowing down. Sellers can be confident that house prices will at least hold steady, if not increase as the Council’s planned improvements to transport hubs, parklands and streetscapes start to take shape.

When should I think about selling?

If selling your house is one of your goals for 2017, the time to start planning is now. – not in six months’ time. Set aside some time to get an appraisal, discuss your options with local real estate agents and start gathering information about local market trends.

By starting early in the year, you’ll be completely prepared once spring rolls around and house hunters are out in force. Of course, you can always contact our team for expert advice on every step of the sale process.

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